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What is an Eddy Current Flaw Detector

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Eddy current flaw detectors are often used in the field or on-site of the military, aviation, railway, industrial and mining enterprises. They are multifunctional, practical, and high-performance/price ratio instruments. They have many years of experience in manufacturing eddy current detectors to meet the needs of various users' needs. The eddy current inspection equipment can be widely used for on-line and off-line flaw detection of various non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal pipes, rods, wires, wires, and profiles. It has high detection sensitivity for defects such as surface cracks, dark seams, slag inclusions and open cracks in metal pipes, rods, wires, wires, and profiles.

The working principle of eddy current flaw detector

Eddy current testing is one of many NDT (non-destructive testing) methods, which use the basic theory of "electromagnetics" as the basis for conductor testing. The generation of eddy currents stems from a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction. When an alternating current is applied to a conductor, such as copper wire, the magnetic field will generate a magnetic field in the conductor and the space surrounding the conductor. Eddy current is the induced current, which flows in a loop. It is called "vortex" because it is the same as liquid or gas flowing in a loop around obstacles. If a conductor is placed in the changing magnetic field, an eddy current will be generated in that conductor, and the eddy current will also generate its own magnetic field, which expands as the alternating current rises and disappears as the alternating current decreases. Therefore, when there are defects on or near the surface of the conductor or changes in some properties of the measured metal material, the intensity and distribution of the eddy current will be affected, so we can detect the changes of the eddy current together, and then we can indirectly know the internal defects of the conductor. The existence of and whether the metal properties have changed.

eddy current inspection equipment

Advantages of eddy current flaw detector

1. Sensitivity to small cracks and other defects.

2. The detection of surface and near-surface defects is fast and sensitive.

3. The test results are immediate.

4. Good equipment interface.

5. Only a little preparation is required.

6. The test probe does not need to touch the object under test.

7. Eddy current inspection equipment can inspect conductors with complex shapes and sizes.

Application of eddy current flaw detector

1. Bearing outer ring, bearing inner ring, gear blank, ring metal parts, auto parts.

2. On-line and off-line non-destructive inspection of copper pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, welded pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, steel wires, double-layer pipes, copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel, aluminum wire metal bars, and other production lines.

3. Non-destructive inspection of oil casing, sucker rod, hollow shaft, etc.

4. Testing of condenser pipes, air conditioner pipes, automobile oil pipes, etc.

5. Eddy current inspection equipment is suitable for non-destructive testing of various metal tubes, rods, and wires.

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