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eddy current flaw detector

With years of experience in production eddy current flaw detector, Desisen can supply a wide range of eddy current flaw detector. eddy current flaw detector can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about eddy current flaw detector. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique eddy current flaw detector according to your specific needs.
  • Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    FET-5.5 is an eddy current flaw detector with double sensors input, double channel. Each sensor input has an individual testing channel. It can connect the rotating type sensor, probe type sensor suitable for arranging on the automatic or semi-automatic eddy current flaw detector to test. Eddy current nondestructive testing inspection systems by DSS can configure systems for portable, stand-alone use or integration into your production line. Please have a look at the eddy current NDT equipment we have on offer and call us to discuss your requirements.
  • High Speed High Precision Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    Suzhou desisen electronics company limited is specializing in studying nondestructive testing technology、all kinds of eddy current detector, sorter、 ultrasonic detector、magnetic particle detector,X ray detector 、penetrant testing and research and development and production on automatic detector of tubes rods,mental accessories, shaft pin circle bar , as well as other metal accessories.
  • CUT-2012A 12 Channel Ultrasonic Eddy Current Flaw Detector Machine
    The CUT-2012A type 12 channels automatic tube bars eddy current ultrasonic testing system depends on PLC programmable controller to collect、calculate and control the signal of speed coder、photoelectric、vortex ultrasonic flaw detection,realizing every kind of automatic control of tube bar offline、variable speed ultrasonic flaw process.
  • CUT-ZY Eddy Current Flaw Detector (Straight Seam/Spiral Weld)
    CUT-ZY series of Submerged arc welding pipe automatic detection system,adopting computer China (or English )menu human-computer dialogue,big screen displays,multiple mode alarm techniques and specially designed digital electronic balance technique and intelligent dynamic filtering technique,make instrument more easier to operate
    Due to CUT-ZY series of submerged arc welding pipe automatic detection system adopts digital type design,so when change production specification ,we don’t have to restart to adjust instrument, ultimately realize easy -operating mode.
  • FET-99 Tube Rods Material Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    FET-99 intelligent digital steel bar flaw is suitable for aluminium tube ,steel bar ,stainless steel tube flaw detection both online and offline.
    FET-99 have relatively independent testing channel,it can drive different forms testing probes,or absolute and differential coil combined probe.the testing channel will gathering data simultaneously so as to test gap and crack on metal tube material ,rods material during production.
    FET-99flaw detection possess testing frequency range from 64HZ to 2MHz,so it can be used to various kinds of metal material testing requirements.
    FET-99 can be equipped with crossing type probe with low coupling gap,it can also connect Saddle type probe which size is small.
  • FET-HY Automatic Tube Rods Eddy Current Testing Flaw Detector
    The testing system can be equipped with high precision lasting time marking model ,testing speed instrument,marking machine and probe , realizing eddy current flaw detection online,the systemequipped with internal and external clock control Synchronous alarm system,and high precision marking width is controllable.
    Scope of application :electricity ,nuke industry,oil and gas,metallurgy,car ,aerospace,boiler,liquid gas transfer and so ontube rods nondestructive testing.
  • SWT-662 Double Channels Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    SWT-662 full automatic vortex flaw detector (double channels) ,it adopts full automatic electromechanical integration testing machine controlled by the latest eddy current technology 、microprocessor .the function is powerful, the operation is simple and intelligent ,high degree of automation . It adopts software written by WINDOWS operating platform make instrument operating easier and intelligent .the performance of instrument is stable and reliable , it is the ideal equipment of shot metal bar,metal accessory flaw detection ,hardness selection .
  • SWT-606 Eddy Current Crack Testing Flaw Detector
    SWT-606 type full automaic brake disc detector,equipped with the maturest eddy current detector ,combined with PLCtechnology,analog electronics technique and sensor technique so as to realize flaw full automatic detection on sand hole air hole and flaw of brake disc.
    SWT-606 type full automatic brake disc detector assembly in brake disc manufacturing and detecting flow line,it can be fused with other equipment and be a part of brake disc manufacturing and detecting.
  • SWT-601 Bearing Collareddy Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    SWT-601 type bearing collar eddy current flaw detector adopts massive import integrated circuit ,it is a full automatic testing machine with combining with the latest eddy technology , electron optical technology ,microprocessor control ,equipped with attractive designed mechanical gearing ,forming a integrated mechatronics system,it is the only bearing collar full automatic eddy current flaw detector with equipping with a completed system in china. Adopting a software edited by WINDOWS operating platform to use machine more simple and intelligent,the instrument is stable and reliable ,applying to bearing manufacturing industry test flaw caused by raw material quench ,grinding. Comparing with magnetic defect detector , it has a lot of advantages including a high degree of automation , testing quickly very easy to test ,without effects of human factors .
  • SWT-604 Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Detector for Sale
    SWT-604 type full automatic eddy current flaw detector is a four frequency and four channel digital eddy current flaw detector which combined with light electric and mechanical,using translation method to send workpiece to inspection area,it can detect flaw in metal accessory both inside and outside and is set with administrator mode and working mode so as to be manage easily.the whole equipment is composed of main control system and supply system and mechanical transfer system . Full closure type main control box , opening type aluminum alloy transfer device, kind of humanization interface,it is specially suitable for 100 percent flaw detection on metal accessories.

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