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  • DF-3X Eddy Current Conductivity Meter
    FD-3X eddy current conductivity meter is used for detecting conductivity, resistivity value of non-ferrous metal material. It is a digital conductivity meter with the application of eddy current test design has domestic advanced technical feature, can replace similar foreign products. It can be used for conductivity, grading and classification inspection of non-ferromagnetic metals. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, electrical, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, military industry and other industrial sectors.
  • FET-3X3 Industrial Metal Conductivity Meter
    1. Measurement of conductivity, resistivity of non-ferromagnetic materials
    2. Determining the degree of heat treatment
    3. Check the thermal damage, material fatigue and cracks
    4. Determining the purity of metal
    5. Monitoring metal uniformity
    6. Classification of metal
    7. Monitor the strength and hardness
    8. Detecting the density of the powder metallurgy parts
  • Three Frequency Six Channels Far Field Eddy Current Detector
    Three Frequency Six Channels Far Field Eddy Current Detector is a new generation eddy nondestructive detecting equipment. It adopts the latest FPGA/DSP digital electronic technology, far-field eddy technology, microcomputer technology, and multiple channels real-time detecting technology. Three Frequency Six Channels Far Field Eddy Current Detector can effectively detect in-wall flaw and ektexine flaw of ferromagnetic metal pipes. Three Frequency Six Channels Far Field Eddy Current Detector adopts the Win98 operating interface, powerful function, easier to operate, beautiful interface. It doesn’t affect by probe lift-off effect, skin effect, conductivity, and permeability.
  • Eddy Current Tester for Sale
    Beyond full array functionality and easy-to-read output for better signal interpretation, our rugged Eddy Current Tester for Sale is equipped with real-time remote collaboration and on-device workflows to ensure the consistency and quality of your eddy current inspection results, every time, in even the toughest environments. Eddy Current Tester for Sale is widely used in the aerospace industry and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of thin metal for potential safety-related or quality-related problems. Explore DSS' full line of Eddy Current Tester for Sale.
  • Intelligent Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    The Intelligent Eddy Current Flaw Detector is a flagship in our eddy current testing instrument family. It is portable and combines the best features of earlier predecessors, being furnished with a 4.3" display and function buttons for immediate access to any menu of the instrument, which would meet the requirements of the most demanding user.
  • Eddy Current Machine for Sale
    Eddy current machine for sale can inspect metallic parts and perform highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. Eddy current is admittedly recognized as a technique with fast, simple, and accuracy. Eddy current machine for sale is widely used vortex technique by aerospace, automobile, petrochemical engineering, power generation, and other industry, detecting aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, chrome-nickel, even carbon steel material surface and close to surface flaw.
  • Eddy Current Flaw Detector
    FET-5.5 is an eddy current flaw detector with double sensors input, double channel. Each sensor input has an individual testing channel. It can connect the rotating type sensor, probe type sensor suitable for arranging on the automatic or semi-automatic eddy current flaw detector to test. Eddy current nondestructive testing inspection systems by DSS can configure systems for portable, stand-alone use or integration into your production line. Please have a look at the eddy current NDT equipment we have on offer and call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Vortex Flaw Detector
    Vortex flaw detector is a vortex tester with a single sensor input, single-channel double frequency. Eddy current testing machine can examine large areas very quickly, and it does not require the use of coupling liquids. In addition to finding cracks, Eddy Current can also be used to check metal hardness and conductivity in applications where those properties are of interest and to measure thin layers of nonconductive coatings like paint on metal parts.
  • Intelligent Digital Eddy Current Testing Instrument
    Intelligent digital type eddy current flaw detector has a relatively independent detecting channel and drives combined probes formed by absolute and differential coils, detecting channel collecting data at the same time so as to detect longitudinal cracks and transverse flaw of metal pipes and wire rods during they are produced. Moreover, intelligent digital eddy current flaw detector has a high degree of sensitivity on the concealed joint, open crack, and so on the axial flaw. It is suitable for online-offline flaw detection metal pipes, wire rods, steel pipe, electromagnetic wire, copper wire, and aluminum wire. It also can be suitable for the automatic detection of other mechanical parts.
  • Eddy Current Testing Machine
    Eddy current testing machine allows easy access to on-device workflow applications that efficiently guide the inspector while capturing electromagnetic (eddy current) inspection data. Real-time collaboration with remote experts allows fast and accurate indication confirmation. No more stacks of paperwork or questionable inspection calls, just easy and efficient nondestructive testing for weld, aerospace (including rotary), and general-purpose inspections.
    ● Customize on-device workflow applications
    ● Easily readable touchscreen display that works while wearing gloves
    ● Instantly connect with other experts
    ● Base your next steps on real-time readings
    ● Immediately access your service bulletins
    ● Easily download software upgrades
    ● Probes for all inspections

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