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Maintenance Skills of Eddy Current Flaw Detector

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Eddy current flaw detectors are generally used for non-destructive testing. It is specially used for quality inspection of ship hulls, pipelines, high-pressure vessels, boilers, airplanes, vehicles, bridge materials, parts processing, welding quality, various light metals, rubber, ceramics, and other processed workpieces. The eddy current flaw detector can display parts, welding surfaces and internal defects, and ultimately determine the quality of the workpiece.

Comprehensive performance of eddy current flaw detector probe

1. Blind area

The minimum distance from the detection surface to the defect that can be found is called the blind zone. No defects in the blind zone can be found. The blind zone is related to the blocking time of the amplifier and the initial pulse width. The blocking time is long, the initial pulse is wide, and the blind zone is large.

2. Resolution

The ability to distinguish two adjacent defects with different distances on the phosphor screen is called resolution. The smaller the distance between the two defects that can be distinguished, the higher the resolution. The resolution is related to the pulse width. The pulse width is small and the resolution is high.

3. Sensitivity margin

The sensitivity margin refers to the ability of an eddy current flaw detector and probe to find small defects within a certain detection range. Specifically, it refers to the high dB number reserved by the instrument when the specified wave height is obtained from an artificial test block with a specified ranging aperture, indicating a high sensitivity margin.


Maintenance skills of eddy current flaw detector

1. Make sure the machine check is not empty.

2. Before work, check the current, voltmeter, and lift of the eddy current flaw detector carefully.

3. The operator needs to understand the performance characteristics of the eddy current flaw detector, various buttons, operating methods, and precautions.

4. After the eddy current flaw detector is used, the knotted connecting cables should be neatly arranged. At the same time, turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord. After use, the instrument, connecting cable, and horseshoe yoke should be cleaned and placed neatly in the toolbox.


As a portable non-destructive testing instrument, the eddy current flaw detector is widely used in steel structure, pressure vessel, pressure-bearing pipeline weld and plate, casting, forging, and another overall material testing. It can quickly and accurately determine the distribution of welds and material surface and shallow surface crack defects. DSS, as top 10 eddy current testing equipment manufacturers in China, offers high-quality eddy current flaw detector. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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