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  • Can internal defects be detected?

    Both internal and surface defects are detectable. Ultrasonic flaw detectors are generally used to detect internal defects, and eddy current flaw detectors are generally used to detect external defects.
  • Can automation be achieved?

    We can provide customized full-automatic flaw detection equipment according to the specific requirements of customers, to achieve the effects of automatic loading, automatic detection, and automatic sorting.
  • How much detection speed can be achieved?

    The high-speed eddy current flaw detector can reach a detection speed of 1800 meters per minute, and the conventional eddy current flaw detector has a detection speed of about 200 meters per minute.
  • How much detection accuracy can be achieved?

    According to national standards, the accuracy of eddy current detection is 0.01, and the accuracy of ultrasonic detection is 0.03. In actual use, due to the different requirements of each manufacturer, the required detection capabilities are also different, so the detection accuracy can be changed with requires changes.

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