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Eddy Current Flaw Detector

The eddy current flaw detector is a machine that tests and finds defects on the surface and near-surface of metal components. It is widely used for online and offline flaw detection of various types of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals tubes, rods, wires, wires, and profiles. The eddy current inspection equipment has the characteristics of multi-function, strong practicability, high performance, and price ratio. It is often used in the field or field of military, aviation, railway, industrial and mining enterprises.

Eddy current testing (also commonly seen as eddy current testing and ECT) is a nondestructive testing technology making use of electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials. Eddy current defect testing is a dynamic test and is accomplished by running energized coils over an area to be tested. Eddy currents are fields of alternating magnetic current that are created when an alternating electric current is passed through one or more coils in a probe assembly. When the probe is linked with the part under inspection, the alternating magnetic field induces eddy currents in the test part. As the coils pass over a crack or flaw, discontinuities or property variations in the test part change the flow of the eddy current the eddy currents are forced to deviate, and this deviation is detected by the eddy current instrument. Testing is fast, accurate, and repeatable, and the technology is much better suited for in-line and offline production inspection versus magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing. 

As top 3 eddy current testing equipment manufacturers in China, DSS's portable eddy current testing instrument which detects cracks and other surface defects in magnetic and non-magnetic metals. It is compact, lightweight, and simple to set up and operate. It provides an excellent signal and noise ratio on virtually all metals. A portable eddy current flaw detector provides on-device workflow applications efficiently guiding the inspector while capturing electromagnetic inspection data.  Real-time collaboration with remote experts allows fast and accurate indication confirmation. No more stacks of paperwork or questionable inspection calls, just easy and efficient nondestructive testing for weld, aerospace (including rotary), and general-purpose inspections.

DSS's vertical eddy current inspection equipment has a sturdy aluminum housing, a crisp and clear daylight viewable screen, menu systems, and user-friendly interface. Our eddy current tester for sale presently appeals to users within a broad range of industries including offshore, rope access non-destructive testing (NDT) applications, and other weld inspection applications replacing magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection, particularly on coated welds. DSS is the top 3 eddy current testing equipment manufacturers in China, providing high-quality portable eddy current flaw detector and vertical automatic or combined ultrasonic flaw detector with eddy current inspection equipment.

  • Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale
    Make your eddy current inspections faster, without compromising accuracy with DSS' Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale. Portable, rugged, and lightweight, our Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale, including an extensive series of compatible electromagnetic probes, is designed for the high-frequency surface to low-frequency sub-surface inspections for weld, raw material, aerospace (including rotary), and general-purpose inspections.
  • China Eddy Current Testing Equipment
    The China Eddy Current Testing Equipment is the latest eddy current instrument in our family. It is furnished with a bright and large 7.2” display and combines the best features of earlier flaw detectors. The China Eddy Current Testing Equipment is intended for the mechanized inspection of rails and switches as well as confirmation of the results of a grinding application. The device is capable of testing a wide range of rail profiles.
  • China Eddy Current Testing Machine
    Advanced China Eddy Current Testing Machine inspects metallic parts and performs highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. A full range of China Eddy Current Testing Machines is available to serve the broadest range of applications. Eddy current probes generate magnetic fields that induce current that flows in a test piece influencing the magnetic field and magnitude and phase of voltage in the coil. Applications include the detection of surface or near-surface defects, alloy sorting, and the inspection of bolt holes.
  • China Eddy Current Inspection Equipment
    China Eddy Current Inspection Equipment is a noncontact testing method used to inspect nonferromagnetic tubing. China Eddy Current Inspection Equipment is a flaw detection technique that uses an alternating electromagnetic coil to induce and generate eddy on the metal component. This machine is suitable for detecting and sizing metal discontinuities such as corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting, baffle cuts, wall loss, and cracks in nonferrous materials.

The Principle of Eddy Current Flaw Detector


The drawings below represent schematically how does eddy current machine works. The coil (red) causes a magnetic field, which initiates eddy current. If a defect appears in the effective area, the eddy current has to take a different way, this changes the impedance of the coil and the operator sees the changes on his screen (Z1-Z2).


Main Features of Eddy Current Flaw Detector


1. Non-destructive

Non-destructive--means that when the test results are obtained, except for rejecting non-conforming products, no parts are lost. Therefore, the scale of inspection is not limited by the number of parts. It can be used for sampling inspection and general inspection when necessary. Therefore, it has more flexibility (both general inspection and random inspection) and reliability.

2. Mutual compatibility

Mutual compatibility-refers to the mutual compatibility of inspection methods, that is, the same part can use different inspection methods simultaneously or sequentially, and the same inspection can be repeated. This is also a non-destructive benefit.

3. Dynamic

Dynamic-this means that the eddy current testing method can inspect the parts in use, and can timely investigate the cumulative impact of the product during operation. Thus, the failure mechanism of the structure can be ascertained.

4. Strictness

Strictness-refers to the strictness of eddy current testing technology. First, eddy current testing requires special instruments and equipment to help ET machines with testing smoothly and accurately.  second, it needs the inspector to adjust a suitable parameter to test by using sample piece.

The Advantages of Eddy Current Flaw Detector

● Sensitivity to small cracks and other defects.
● Test results are immediate.
● Easy-to-operate due to user-friendly intuitive interface.
● Only a little preparation work is required.
● The test probe does not need to touch the measured object.
● Conductors with complex shapes and sizes can be checked.
● Easy integration into production lines via industrial I/O for 100% part inspection.
● Eddy current flaw detector can detect surface-breaking, near-surface, and far-surface defects.
● Eddy current inspection equipment is suited to volumetric flaws such as corrosion, wear, and large porosities, as well as cracking.
● Easy to Combined with other testing machines (such as ultrasonic machine, visual machine, telescope calliper and so on ).

The Applications of Eddy Current Flaw Detector

● Bearing outer ring, bearing inner ring, gear blank, ring metal parts, auto parts.
● Non-destructive testing on and off the production lines of copper pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, welded pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, steel wires, double-layer pipes, ● copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel, aluminum wire metal rods, etc.
● Non-destructive testing of oil casing, sucker rod, hollow shaft, etc.
● Inspection of condenser tube, air conditioner tube, automobile oil tube, etc.
● Suitable for nondestructive testing of various metal tubes, rods, and wires.
● Detection of surface cracks in various parts.
● Finding cracks in holes and multi-layered structures with the help of rotary scanners.
● Recognition of sub-surface flaws in non-magnetic conductive materials.
● Evaluation of non-magnetic material conductivity and paint coating thickness.
● These devices allow performing full eddy current testing of aircraft parts in accordance.



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