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Eddy Current Flaw Detector is Suitable for Maintenance Inspection

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The eddy current flaw detector supports any eddy current: parametric, differential, dynamic (rotating) converter, and various impedance converters. The flaw detector is designed to control metal products and carbon fiber composite materials to determine whether there are defects such as surface and subsurface cracks, discontinuity and uniformity of materials, semi-finished products, and finished products of various materials. The eddy current flaw detector can be used to measure the thickness of the protective coating in austenitic stainless steel and perlite stainless steel chromium-nickel steel, the depth of surface cracks, the debonding of composite materials, the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals, and the content of ferrite phase.


Eddy current testing equipment is a compact, versatile, practical, and cost-effective instrument. The portable battery-powered eddy current flaw detection test instrument has excellent performance and is suitable for maintenance flaw detection or another eddy current flaw detection. The eddy current inspection equipment has a good interface and is very sensitive to small cracks and other defects. Its test probe does not need to touch the object under test, and it can also check conductors with complex shapes and sizes. Eddy current flaw detectors require little advance preparation, but the inspection results are immediate.


The eddy current testing instrument can quickly, conveniently, and intuitively detect tiny cracks or folded layers on the surface of various metals and graphite with a conductivity of 0.5-60s/m, and is not affected by the thin insulating layer on the metal surface such as an anodized layer, paint, oil pollution, oxide film, etc. It can effectively detect flat or regular specimens. With special probes or other additional fixtures, it can inspect groove edge cracks, inner holes, and cone-shaped inner wall cracks. The eddy current flaw detector can be used for non-ferrous steel and austenitic metals at the same time with light alarm and sound alarm, and can also be used for metal mixture sorting. Eddy current flaw detectors are widely used in the inspection of parts and components in the machinery manufacturing industry, aircraft and engine maintenance, and railway locomotive valve (valve core) testing. The eddy current testing instrument has the characteristics of simple operation, reliable performance, durability, and convenient carrying.


The eddy current flaw detector is essentially a process of dealing with the change of coil impedance caused by the test piece, thereby evaluating the physical properties of the test piece. The eddy current testing instrument adopting impedance plane display technology can analyze the amplitude and phase of the measured signal at the same time, and simultaneously depict the amplitude and phase changes of the detected signal on the display screen for correct evaluation. The eddy current flaw detector is an instrument with multi-function, strong practicability, and high performance/price ratio. It has many years of experience in manufacturing eddy current detectors to meet the needs of various users. It can be widely used for on-line and off-line flaw detection of various non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal pipes, rods, wires, wires, and profiles. The eddy current flaw detector has high detection sensitivity for defects of metal pipes, rods, wires, wires, profiles, such as surface cracks, dark seams, slag inclusions, and open cracks.


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