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Eddy Current Detector

Eddy current detector can be combined with the most advanced eddy current technology, photoelectric technology, microcomputer control, with beautifully designed mechanical transmission device, form a complete electromechanical integration system, the instrument is more simple to use, intelligent.The performance of the instrument is stable and reliable, with high degree of automation and fast detection speed. It is specially used for high-speed detection of metal products such as metal pipes, bars,wire and auto parts.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic flaw detector is an industrial non-destructive flaw detector, which can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose many kinds of defects (cracks, inclusions, folds, pores, sand holes, etc.) in the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage and accurately.It can be used both in the laboratory and in the engineering field.The instrument can be widely used in manufacturing industry, iron and steel metallurgy industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and other areas requiring defect detection and quality control, and also widely used in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler and pressure vessel and other fields of in-service safety inspection and life assessment.

Magnetic Particle Detector

The defects of the workpiece are mainly caused by materials and forging, heat treatment and machining, mainly including folding, inclusion, heat treatment crack and grinding crack.Some casting parts may also have casting defects, such as shrinkage cavity, loose, inclusion, casting crack, etc.Most of the defect direction is not fixed, so it is necessary to carry out inspection in all directions of the workpiece surface.At the same time, due to the product is irregular, so it is suitable to use magnetic powder to carry out a full range of nondestructive defect detection.

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