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Advantages of Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The digital ultrasonic flaw detector has the following advantages:

1. Fast detection speed

Generally, digital ultrasonic flaw detectors can automatically detect, test, and keep what they see and hear, and some can actively create depth compensation and automatically deploy sensitivity, so the detection speed is fast and the benefit is high.

2. High detection accuracy

The digital ultrasonic flaw detector performs rapid data collection, quantification, examination, and differentiation of French signals, and its detection accuracy can be higher than the original experience of the system instrument detection system.

3. Keep what you see and hear and check the files

Digital ultrasonic flaw detectors may provide inspection records until the defects are drawn.

4. High reliability and good stability

The digital ultrasonic flaw detector can collect and store data objectively, and create convenient processing or post-control for the saved data. It can analyze secret records in time domain, frequency domain or drawing, and can also create workpiece quality through state recognition. The classification reduces the persuasive component's guidance, and improves the reliability and stability of retrieval.

5. Digital ultrasonic flaw detector has a huge skill title

1) Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

ADC is the only way for the ultrasonic signal medium of the flaw detector to be transmitted to the computer from the outside to the inside. It turns a continuous and strange imitation signal into a number of secret codes.

2) Organization

At present, there are two kinds of compilations and French numbers.

3) Software

The software objects of the digital ultrasonic flaw detector are diverse, and the success or failure of the flaw detector depends largely on the maintenance level of the software.


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