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Suzhou desisen electronics company limited is specializing in studying nondestructive testing technology、all kinds of eddy current detector, sorter、 ultrasonic detector、magnetic particle detector,X ray detector 、penetrant testing and research and development and production on automatic detector of tubes rods,mental accessories, shaft pin circle bar , as well as other metal accessories.

Providing customers with integrallty testing solution and process so as to satisfy customers’ requirements about testing quality of product quickly and fully.
Why Choose Us

Superior Brand Assurance, A Strong Team

◆ We have superior brand assurance.
◆ When customers consult products detection,we have professional employees to reply.
◆ For products flaw detection requirements that raised by customers ,our professional engineers can depend on your needs and well designed a method to be suitable for your flaw detection.

Multiple Types Flaw Detectors

◆ Flaw detector has many types , fully equipped.
◆ We researched and developed multiple flaw detectors ,automatic flaw detection system so as to adapt testing needs of many kinds of materials and accessories.
◆ Satisfying your requirements of controlling products quality and testing speed.

Providing Many Kinds Of Perfect Solutions

◆ Tube、bar should adopt rotation solution.
◆ Wire rod 、pole should adopt rotation solution.
◆ Axle 、plate should adopt rotation 、differential complement solutions.
◆ Gear 、flang 、fastener、casting parts、power metallurgy、pressure casting ,cold extrusion parts、composite parts and so on ,all products have relevant testing flow and method.

Professional After Sales Service Of Flaw Detection

◆ We have professional team of after sales service.
◆ Providing one to one after sales service technical support.
◆ Free to train.
◆ Telephone tracking in 7 days.
◆ Return visit within 30 days.

The products are wildly applied to electric power ,nuclear energy, aerospace , defence industry,metallurgy,mechanical manufacturing. A lot of breakthrough has been made in these years,and be the first one to generalize multi-functional intelligent eddy current detector,multi-frequency multi-channel eddy current detector,double frequency double channel eddy current detector, tubes and rods automatic testing system,aircraft wheel automatic testing system.

Our company and many academies、institutes has developed high speed detector and an online eddy current detector which can up to 3200m per minute by working together which fill the vacancy of china , so it is strongly promote Chinese development of detecting career.
Set Up
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The series of eddy current detector produced by company is popular in China and abroad china and foreign countries,and they have been sold to German、America、 Middle East 、Japan、Korea,and so on ,our products are also wildly used in Chinese metal manufacturing.

The company is insisting on scientific and technological innovation , keeping researching and studying high -performance eddy current detector、ultrasonic detector so as to satisfy customers’needs, to create world brand, strive for the first in this line and make our products extremely gorgeous ,and do service more  professional.we  are willing to cooperate with our users in the most sincere dedication, and occupy international market as well as create brilliant result in the globalization.

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