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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic testing is the use of ultrasound can penetrate into the depths of the metal materials, and consists of a section into another section, on the edge of the interface reflection characteristics of flaws, a method to check the parts when the ultrasonic beam from the surface by the probe through the metal parts inside, encountered defects with parts respectively when bottom reflection wave, formation of pulse waveform on the screen, according to the pulse waveform to judge the defect position and size.Superprobe is a portable industrial nondestructive inspection instrument, which can quickly, conveniently, without damage, accurately detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, inclusions, folds, pores, sand holes, etc.) in the workpiece.It can be used both in the laboratory and in the engineering field.The instrument can be widely used in manufacturing industry, iron and steel metallurgy industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and other areas requiring defect detection and quality control, and also widely used in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler and pressure vessel and other fields of in-service safety inspection and life assessment.It is a must in the nondestructive testing industry.

When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, it has the characteristic of reflection on the interface of different qualities. If the defect is encountered and the size of the defect is equal to or greater than the ultrasonic wave length, the ultrasonic wave will reflect back on the defect and the flaw detector can display the reflected wave.If the size of the defect is even smaller than the wavelength, the sound wave will bypass the defect and cannot be reversed.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement is to measure the thickness. When the ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe reaches the material interface through the measured object, the pulse is reflected back to the probe. The thickness of the measured material can be determined by accurately measuring the time of ultrasonic wave propagation in the material.This principle can be used to measure any material that enables the ultrasonic wave to travel within it at a constant speed.

The higher the frequency is, the better the directivity is. It is easy to determine the location of defects by radiating into the medium with a narrow beam.

Ultrasonic waves can be so energetic that, for example, a frequency of 1MHZ (1MHZ) can transmit one million times as much energy as a sound wave of the same amplitude at a frequency of 1,000 hz 

  • HY-30 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    This instrument can detect internal defects (such as cracks, inclusions, air holes, etc.), and can automatically locate, assess and diagnose. Widely used in the laboratory, the special inspection institute, shipbuilding, oil and gas equipment, aerospace, military, chemical, electric power, steel, metallurgy, railway, automobile, machinery, boilers and pressure vessels, special equipment.Each flaw channel can set the password independently. The customer can save the data and can not modify it.
  • HY-350 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Sale
    HY-350 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector has Chinese touch keyboard, intuitive and easy to remember, full Chinese tip and graphics display of operating process, can be mastered after simple training.
    Instrument and probe performance of HY350 type digital ultrasonic flaw detector are automatic measurement, instrument calibration is automatic, thickness and material sound velocity can be measured, suitable for manual detection of irregular parts such as stamping parts, forging, and die.
  • HY-580 Ultrasonic Weld Inspection Equipment
    The instrument can detect internal defects (such as cracks, inclusions, porosity, etc.) and can automatically conduct location, assessment and diagnosis. This instrument is widely used in the laboratory, Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, shipbuilding, oil and gas equipment, aerospace, military industry, chemical industry, electric power, Iron and steel, metallurgy, railway, automobile manufacturing, machinery, boiler pressure vessels, special equipment, oil pipes, construction, mold manufacturing and other industries. We have rich experience in flaw detection of forging, casting, sheet, pipe, bar, steel alloy parts; customers are distributed all over the country, such as the national Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, National Steel Structure Inspection Center, Shanghai Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Company, Shanghai Wind Power Company, BYD Auto Manufacturers in Zhejiang, China Railway Bureau, Xinjiang Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers, etc.

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