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SWT-630 Eddy Current Crack Testing Equipment of Tubes

1.Detection of the mechanism
2.Injector (2, one at each end)
3.Guide peg1
4.The guide cylinder
5.Guide peg 2
6. Electronic appliance touching screen
7.Emergency switch
8.Main electric control box
9.Detector A
10.Detector B
11.Detector C
12.Power source contron panel
13. Universal wheel
14.Electronic elements
15.The pneumatic components control box
16.Light electronic switch:(K1, K3, K4) press the proximity switch (K2)
17.Vtype steel holder
18.Probe adjustment device and probe
20.Detecting beam
  • SWT-630

Product Description

Instrument profile:

1.Detection of the mechanism.

2.Injector (2, one at each end).

3.Guide peg1.

4.The guide cylinder.

5.Guide peg 2.

6. Electronic appliance touching screen.

7.Emergency switch.

8.Main electric control box.

9.Detector A.

10.Detector B.

11.Detector C. 

12.Power source contron panel.

13. Universal wheel.

14.Electronic elements.

15.The pneumatic components control box.

16.Light electronic switch:(K1, K3, K4) press the proximity switch (K2).

17.Vtype steel holder.

18.Probe adjustment device and probe.


20.Detecting beam.

The traits of function: 

1.The facility can doing nondestrective online automatic selection to Metal magnetic steel tube material.

2.The facility adopts single frequency and three frequency to test.

3.The products what are qualified by testing will be trahsferred to  next  testing machine by transfer roller. 

4.It can count both unqualificed and qualified. 

5.The main control instrument is equipped with Histogram dynamic display steel tube material condition what are tested,the scope of Histogram dynamic display reflects.

6.The main control instrument have setting function button of upper limit and lower limit of material range.,it is very easy for operator to operate.

7.There is showing light about steel tube material On the board of electric touching display screen in the sorting machine ,when the blue light is lighting ,it means the products are qualified,when the red light is lighting ,it means the kinds of material are not qualified.

8.There are some functions about “database setting” “database searching” “historical database” statistics and “testing mode ” on the electric controlling touching display screen in the sorting machine.

9. The main control SWT-630 Eddy Current Crack Testing Equipment of Tubes of the sorter can store the upper and lower magnetic flux values of 12 steel pipes of different sizes, and on the upper right corner of the instrument, No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No Part 12 represents the tested steel pipes of different sizes, which is convenient for users to call directly.

10. When the test result is unqualified steel pipe, the equipment has sound and light alarm function. At the same time, spray red paint on the surface of the tested steel pipe.

Instrument Parameters:

1.Sorting speed: < 20s / piece, excluding loading and unloading time.

2. Sorting accuracy: it can accurately distinguish different steel grades and ensure that there are no unqualified materials in the qualified materials after sorting.

Sorting accuracy 3. Quality requirements for tested materials and seamless steel pipes:

(1) Tested materials: 45 × 35 × 25 MNV, 27Mn, 40Cr, 20 × 25, js35crmo, 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo, etc.

The kinds of detected material

(2) Type and quality requirements of seamless steel pipe:

Seamless steel tubes’kinds quality

Outer diameter of steel pipe: φ 100-426mm (Note: for steel pipe with diameter less than 100mm, the detection mechanism shall be designed separately).

Accuracy of outer diameter of steel pipe: ± 1.0%.

Wall thickness of steel pipe: 5.0-40.0mm.

When Φ ≤ 365.1mm, the wall thickness is 5-40mm,

When Φ > 365.1mm, wall thickness ≤ 28mm.

Wall thickness accuracy of steel pipe: ± 12.5%.

Steel pipe length: 5.50-15.0m.

Meter weight of steel pipe: maximum 300kg / M.

Maximum weight of single piece: 4000kg.

The bending degree of the pipe body is ≤ 3M M / m, the bending degree of the pipe end is ≤ 3.5mm/m (the length of the pipe end is 1.5m), and the bending degree of the whole length is ≤ 20mm.

Ovality of pipe body: ≤ 2%.

Tube temperature: ≤ 40oC.

The end face of the steel pipe is treated by straightening, water pressure, chamfering of milling head, etc., and slight iron oxide scale is allowed on the surface.

The hardness error range of the steel pipe conforms to the national standard.

4. Equipment weight: 500kg.

5. Compressed air pressure range: 0.4mpa-0.8mpa.

6. Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%.

7. The tested steel pipe shall meet the following requirements:

The surface condition of the tested steel pipe is the same, the specification and size are the same, and machining error is allowed. The hardness error shall not exceed the value specified in the national standard, and the steel pipe shall not have serious defects.

8. Overall dimension of equipment:

Mechanical part: length × width × height = 1500 × 1000 × 2350mm.

Main electric control cabinet: length × width × height = 570 × 560 × 1960mm.

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity: not exceed eighty-five percent

Working voltage:AC220±10V

a corner of flaw detection:


a corner of flaw detection:


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