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Portable Eddy Current Inspection Equipment

Portable eddy current inspection equipment is widely used in the aerospace industry and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of metals for potential safety-related or quality-related problems. In addition, to crack detection, Eddy Current can be used for certain metal thickness measurements such as identifying corrosion, measuring conductivity, and test for the heat treatment of parts.
● High performance due to the flaw detector multi-channeling
● Capability to combine several EC channels when creating the automated testing systems
● High-frequency measurement
● Data transmission via Wi-Fi channel
● Ethernet port for two-way communication with PC
● Rotary scanners connection
● Up to 2 encoders connection
● Availability of multi-functional software for flaw detection of various
● Test objects (testing the pipe body, rolled products, wheelsets, rails, bars, wires, etc).

  • FET-9HS

Product Description

Instrument profile:

Advanced portable eddy current inspection equipment inspects metallic parts and performs highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. A full range of portable flaw detectors is available to serve the broadest range of applications. Eddy current probes generate magnetic fields that induce current that flows in a test piece influencing the magnetic field and magnitude and phase of voltage in the coil. Applications include the detection of surface or near-surface defects, alloy sorting, and the inspection of bolt holes. DSS portable eddy current inspection equipment provides a fast efficient solution for near-surface anomalies in the conductive material. 

Portable eddy current inspection equipment is intended for:

● Detection of surface cracks in various parts

● Finding cracks in holes and multi-layered structures with the help of rotary scanners

● Recognition of sub-surface flaws in non-magnetic conductive materials

● Evaluation of non-magnetic material conductivity, and paint coating thickness

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

The traits of function:

The signal got by detecting channel can make impedance plane diagram and time base showed on the screen,Suitable for detecting requirements of every kind of metal material,due to adopting full digitization design ,so it can build many standard detecting procedures and professional systems in the instrument。It’s convenient for users to use to change the specifications and be furnished with input and output control connector,convenient to detect connector of scene and many kinds of equipment and work together.

Instrument parameter:

1.Detecting channel :1 (the number of channel can be extended according to needs

2.Frequency scope :64 Hz~2 MHz,satisfying detection of multiple kinds of metal materia

3.The scope of gains :0~99.0 dB ,continuously adjust ,stepping is 0.5d

4.Phase position rotation: 0~359°,continuously adjust,stepping is 1 degree. 

5.Ratio of gains :(Y/X)0.1~10.0.

6.Detecting speed :0-640m/min.

7.Probe drive level is adjustable :1~8,truly means multifunctional detection.

8.Quickly figure/analog electronic balance.

9.Unequal amplitude、dissymmetric phase position alarm region setting.

10.Multiple displayed ways:impedance 、time base. 

11.Digital filtering :low pass(0Hz~2000Hz)high pass(0Hz~2000Hz).

12.Delayed hardware output alarm、real time hardware output alarm.

13.Sound-light alarm output.

14.Automatic balanced time:1~1000 seconds.

15.Internal external clock option.

16.Having function of end socket、end signal cut off. 

17.Saving mass detecting procedures and detecting data.

18.Eddy current signal playback extended function、detecting amplitude、Phase position、digital value of flaw. 

19.Automatically record the number of flaw and its position.

20.Automatically form detecting report (including the number of detecting 、number of qualified products 、unqualified products).

21.Displayed ways :real line、blanking.

22.Blanking displayed coefficient: 1~100.

23.China-English operating 、online help.

24.Background solution of rectangular coordinate system and Polar coordinate system. 

25.Automatic calendar 、time displayed.

26.Power source :lithium battery can be used for 6-8hours once it is charged.

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity not exceed 85%

Working voltage:VC220V/DC24V

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