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Notes for purchasing ultrasonic flaw detector

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Ultrasonic flaw detector is a very professional instrument, not a professional, can not understand this instrument, so many counterfeiters exploit the loopholes. Therefore, some manufacturers use digital ultrasonic flaw detection can be faked to produce substandard products in a big way.


In the selection of flaw detector generally have the following points need to pay attention.


For flaw detector


  1. For the positioning requirements of the high choice of horizontal linear error small instrument.

  2. For the quantitative requirements of the choice of vertical linear error, is small, high precision instruments.

  3. For significant workpiece flaw detection, select the instrument with a high sensitivity margin, high signal-to-noise ratio, and high power.

  4. To effectively find defects near the surface and distinguish adjacent defects, select the instrument with a small blind area and good resolution; (the blind area is generally in 5mm ~ 10mm, available secondary echo to avoid blind areas or the use of double crystal probe).

  5. For on-site flaw detection, choose lightweight, good brightness, the solid anti-interference ability of the instrument (high brightness screen is better than the color screen)


For flaw detector probe


  1. Longitudinal wave straight probe, mainly used to detect defects parallel to the detection surface (such as plates, castings, forgings).

  2. Horizontal wave oblique probe, mainly used to detect defects at an angle with the detection surface (such as welding seams).



Whether you are just starting to contact the procurement of flaw detector or already have some experience in procurement, the following points should be more attention when purchasing.


First, the frequency of the use of equipment.

Ultrasonic flaw detectors in the use of different frequency performance can detect the fineness and sensitivity of the response is not the same. According to the needs of the field of detection to choose the frequency of the equipment, to detect more accurate results in the detection process of different materials or objects. Many users believe that the higher the frequency, the better the quality of the ultrasonic flaw detector. According to the characteristics of varying detection materials, it is not and needs to determine the frequency of choice.


Second, the size of the equipment chip size.

Chip is a crucial component of the ultrasonic flaw detector configuration, so selecting the quality and size of the chip needs to be effectively selected. Only the chip emits a large amount of energy and diffusion angle wide to be more conducive to long-distance detection. After all, detecting more accurate and chip quality is closely related. So when you choose an ultrasonic flaw detector can not ignore the size of the device chip size for careful selection.


Third, the size of the probe and material.

Ultrasonic flaw detector is through the probe to effectively detect all the surrounding objects and understand the information, so the user's size and material need to select the content carefully. Not only should we pay attention to the angle of the probe, but we also need to look at the focusing ability of the probe. There are many kinds of materials for the probe, the performance of each is different. We have to start from the actual use of demand, targeted selection of suitable materials, try to extend the service life of the ultrasonic flaw detector probe to ensure that you can get a better detection quality.



To improve the functional performance of the ultrasonic flaw detector and ensure the stability of the performance of the detector, which is recommended that you choose equipment to pay attention to the matters mentioned above. And also, choose an ultrasonic flaw detector, which has good after-sales, to get better protection services in the long-term use of the process. So that the detection results of the equipment can be more accurate and can detect a wide range, can fully play out the advantages of the ultrasonic flaw detector function to achieve the purpose of user detection.


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