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Intelligent Digital Eddy Current Tester for Sale

Intelligent digital eddy current tester for sale is highly portable, reliable and can detect very small cracks. Results are instant, ideal for on-site testing on-site and plant inspections. Flaws can be reported immediately to site and operation managers, allowing for quicker decision making. In addition, the portability of intelligent digital eddy current tester means that we can inspect equipment or assets that are difficult to access, and test complex shapes and sizes.
● Low-cost eddy-current module for non-destructive testing using the magneto-inductive method.
● Genuine magneto-inductive testing by evaluation of harmonics.
● Test parameters variable over wide ranges.
● Simple operation.
● Test pieces sorted into two groups: o.k. / n.o.k.
● One-dimensional display of measured value by the LED bar graph.
● Individually adapted special probes

  • FET-99A

Product Description

Instrument profile:

DSS provides the highest performance intelligent digital eddy current tester for sale in the world, helping OEMs, asset owners and service companies enhance productivity, save lives, and protect the environment. We focus on offering advanced phased array UT, eddy current flaw detector, and other ultrasonic and electromagnetic equipment including instruments, sensors, software, and robotic solutions to key industries such as aerospace, energy, mining, power generation, and transportation.

The intelligent digital eddy current tester for sale is intended for:

1. Detection of surface cracks in various parts.

2. Finding cracks in holes and multi-layered structures with the help of rotary scanners.

3. Recognition of sub-surface flaws in non-magnetic conductive materials.

4. Evaluation of non-magnetic material conductivity and paint coating thickness.

Intelligent digital eddy current tester for sale benefits:

1. Easy-to-operate due to user-friendly intuitive interface.

2. Light and sound alarms.

3. Strict compliance with ISO 15548.

4. Tune-out from the influence of the working gap and inhomogeneity of electromagnetic properties.

5. Saving over 1000 settings and test results to the flaw detector memory.

6. Data communication to PC via USB flash drive or Ethernet.

7. Specialty software for viewing test results and printing out test reports.

8. Application-dependent software for real-time data displaying on a PC.

9. Software upgrade using USB flash drives.

10. Evaluation of flaw depth.

11. Review of saved defectograms on the display of eddy current flaw detector.

12. Possibility to connect a temperature sensor and remote ‘Balance’ button (option).

13. Quick-release Li-Ion battery for continuous 7-hour operation.

14. Lightweight – up to 2 lbs (0.9 kg).

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

The traits of function:

It can detect crack created by malfunction during production. The signal got by detecting channel can make impedance plane diagram and time base showed on the screen. Suitable for all detecting requirements of  mental 、wire rods、and so on. And due to adopting full digitization design ,so it can build many standard detecting procedures and professional systems in the instrument. It’s convenient for users to use to change the specifications and be furnished with input and output control connector,convenient to detect connector of scene and many kinds of equipments ,and work together, forming a high degree automated entirety.

The traits of technology:

1.The range of frequency: 4Hz-1.8MHz.

2.Gain:0-90db,stepping is  0.5dB.

3.Phase position: 0-360 degrees, 1 degree step. 

4.Independent optional frequency.

5.Different styles of mode setting. 

6.Automatic phase position 、amplitude analysis.

7.Automatic zero calibration :set interval time of zero calibration. 

8.Different styles of alarm regional setting apply to every kind of mode.

9.Ratio of gains:0.1-10.

10.Automatic clear screen /track impedance display.

11.Equipped with detecting signal playback、double directions access.

12.Quickly analog/digital type electronic balance and dynamic track filtering. 

13.Operating interface is simple intelligent and easy to operate.

14.Suitable for every kind of probe:such as rotation type.

15.Suitable for metal pipes、rods、metal accessories、manufacturer online quality detection.

16.Detecting speed: 1m/min~350m/min.

17.Quickly figure.

18.Nonamplitude、dissymmetric phase position alarm regional setting. 

19.Many kinds of displayed ways: impedance、time base.

20.Digital filtering.

21.Sound-light alarm output.

22.Automatic balance time. 

23.Internal external clock option. 

24.Saving vast detecting procedures and detecting data.

25.Eddy current signal playback extend.  

26.Automatically record and display flaw.  

27.Displayed ways :real line 、blanking .

28.Blanking display coefficient: 1~100.

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity: not exceed 85%

Working voltage:AC220±10V

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