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High Speed High Precision Eddy Current Inspection Equipment

High-Speed High Precision Eddy Current Inspection Equipment is a flaw detection technique that uses an alternating electromagnetic coil to induce and generate eddy on the metal component, it suitable for the conductive material, which including flaw detection on the ferromagnetic metal material component. DSS, as China famous eddy current test equipment suppliers, is specializing in studying nondestructive testing technology, all kinds of eddy current detector, sorter, ultrasonic detector, a magnetic particle detector, X-ray detector, penetrant testing and research and development and production on the automatic detector of tubes rods, mental accessories, shaft pin circle bar, as well as other metal accessories.

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Product Description

company profile:

Suzhou desisen provides customers with integrally testing solutions and processes so as to satisfy customers’ requirements about testing the quality of products quickly and fully.

The products are wildly applied to electric power, nuclear energy, aerospace, defense industry, metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing. A lot of breakthroughs have been made in these years, and be the first one to generalize multi-functional intelligent eddy current detector,multi-frequency multi-channel eddy current detector, double frequency double-channel eddy current detector, tubes and rods automatic testing system, aircraft wheel automatic testing system.

Our company and many academies, institutes has developed a high-speed detector and an online eddy current detector which can up to 3200m per minute by working together which fills the vacancy of china, so it strongly promotes Chinese development of detecting career. The series of eddy current detectors produced by the company is popular with China and foreign countries, and they have been sold to German, America, Middle East, Japan, Korea, and so on. Our products are also wildly used in Chinese metal manufacturing.

The company is insisting on scientific and technological innovation, keeping researching and studying high -performance eddy current detector, ultrasonic detector so as to satisfy customers’needs, to create a world brand, strive for the first in this line, and make our products extremely gorgeous, and do service more professional. We are willing to cooperate with our users in the most sincere dedication, and occupy the international market as well as create brilliant results in globalization.

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Principle of eddy current flaw detector:

Eddy Current Testing is one of many non-destructive testing (NDT) methods. It uses the basic theory of "electromagnetics" as the basis for conductor detection.

Eddy current detection is to connect the conductor close to the AC probe, the establishment of alternating magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field through the conductor, and with the occurrence of electromagnetic induction, in the conductor to establish eddy current. The eddy current in the probe conductor also produces its own magnetic field, and the effect of the eddy current field changes the strength of the original magnetic field, which in turn leads to changes in voltage and impedance. So when the conductor appears defective or measured metal material changes, will affect the eddy current strength and distribution, eddy current changes caused by the detection coil voltage and impedance changes, according to this change, you can indirectly know the defects within the conductor The presence and defects of metal materials.


Device profile :

Dss-GS18 high speed high precision intelligent digital eddy current flaw detector, equipped with win10, win7 and other latest version platform.High - performance mainframe, and processing chips.Simple operation, direct interface, friendly interaction, maximize the processor hardware performance and detection advantages, simple maintenance.Safe and reliable.Energy saving, low calorific value.Independent flaw detection software, better compatibility, better stability, less fault tolerance, lower failure rate.Simple operation, higher integration, only for the detection of the maximum performance.More suitable for aluminum tube, stainless steel tube, copper wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire online, offline inspection, also can be used for mechanical parts or some special parts of automatic inspection.The instrument adopts the latest digital electronic technology, eddy current technology and microcomputer technology, which is not only easy to debug and operate, stable in performance, but also reliable, stable and sensitive in flaw detection.

With independent test channel, can drive different forms of detection probe, or by absolute and differential coil composed of the combination of probe, precision, high sensitivity, rapid response.




instrument parameters:

1.Frequency :100HZ--5MHZ.

2.Gain :0--99db  stepping :0.1db.

3.Phase position :0--360 degree,stepping is 1degree.

4.Mode: manual /automatic. 

5.Multimode digital filtering:LP/HP/BP/BP-SSF.

6.Three types of alarm mode to separate different flaws.

7.The radius of the alarm area is adjustable:0-99,stepping is 1.

8.Multiple alarm Settings including amplitude, line, circle and bit.

9.Alarm area Angle adjustable:stepping is 1°.

10.Input and output interface.

11.electron oscillograph.

12.Power source:220V(-20% ~ +20%).

13.Analog electron balance.

14.NGSignal output interface.

15.It can be extended into multiple channels.

16.Testing speed:≤2000m/min.

17.Record guide real-time record monitoring.

18.Statistical data of flaw detection.

19.Sound and light alarm output.

20.Can store a large number of various detection procedures and detection data.

21.Suitable for off-line quality inspection of metal pipe and rod ,hardness separating and so on.

22.Suitable for various probes. 

23.The operation interface is simple, intelligent and easy to operate.

24.With detection signal playback, access, and other functions.

25.Independent optional frequency.

Process description:

The wire/tube/bar is automatically magnetized and detected through the saturator;

When there is a defect automatic alarm, record NG number, meters, marking;

There is no alarm or marking when there is no defect;

Environmental conditions for equipment use :

The machine is installed in a fixed place in the workshop.

Environment temperature:-15~50℃.

Ambient relative humidity:Lower than 85%.

Power source:220V(-20% ~ +20%).

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