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FET-55H Metal Cars Accessories Fastening Piece Eddy Current Flaw Detector

Excitation coil doing magnetic induction on detected material, detecting coils received the induced electromotive force has relationship with shape and size of material hysteresis loop,when sine wave excitation voltage is doing magnetic induction ,the induced electromative force it gets is sinusoidal waveform ,including fundamental wave normally,by measuring fundamental wave component of detecting coil induced electromotive force,it can detect flaw 、heat treatment condition of detected products so as to realize material 、hardness and quenching crack detection.

  • FET-55H

Product Description

Instrument profile:

High speed eddy current flaw detector has high detecting sensitivity on the flaw of metal tubes,rods, wire such as flaw of the surface、concealed joint、air hole and surfae-opening crack.

Adopting computer china menu type man-machine dialogue,big screen singal display,multi-mode alarm technique as well as special design digital electronic balance technology and intelligent dynamic filter technique,make instrument operating easier.

High speed eddy current detector can adopt crossing coils which coupling gap has very low requirements,it can also connect combined probe which is cigarette box size,the choice of probe completely can be setted by detecting requirements of users. Detecting system can equipped with high accuracy delayed time markig module、testing equipment、marking machine and adjustable probe so as to realize online automatic flaw detection.

The traits of function: 

The equipment possesses two channels,one of channels is equipped with full automatic mechanism that suitable for steel material and so on metal cars accessories fasteners crack full automatic eddy detector ,and equipped with another independent manual channel,suitable for sorting detection of bolt quenching crack and forging cracs.

The process of full automatic channel process: after spiral passing shake material plate and slip into next channel ,doing supplying orderly by two interaction of cylinder and fall into detecting positioning chain and trigger optoelectronic singal and drive chain rotationstep forward by step dorward electrical machine as well as pass probes and detecting.after detecting ,at the rotation,when it is qualified then accumulate detective samples.if not qualified,then eliminated by sorting cylinder. Electric control mode, realizing the whole process logic control by optoelectronic switch;detecting host and probe realize detecting singal output by multi-frequency and graphic display precision.

Manual channel process: manual supply by operator、at the same time the computer detecting procedure is also control and realize automatic sound -light alarm about unqualified products.

The system includs FET-55H (or H type)  detecting host (including probe) 、full automatic double channels detecting sorting mechanism electric control mode.

Instrument Parameter:

1.Sorting speed :not lower than 50pieces per minute.

2.Using time:more than 24hours in a row.

3.Switching speed of product specification:less than 40minutes.

4.Users provid air pressure:7-9bars.

5.Users provide power source.

6.Automatic emergency stop alarm function of system failure.

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity: not exceed eighty-five percent

Working voltage:AC220±10V

the scene of flaw detection:


the scene of flaw detection:


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