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FET-3X3 Industrial Metal Conductivity Meter

1. Measurement of conductivity, resistivity of non-ferromagnetic materials
2. Determining the degree of heat treatment
3. Check the thermal damage, material fatigue and cracks
4. Determining the purity of metal
5. Monitoring metal uniformity
6. Classification of metal
7. Monitor the strength and hardness
8. Detecting the density of the powder metallurgy parts
  • FET-3X3

Product Description


FET-3X3 Industrial Metal Conductivity Meter

1. Measurement of conductivity, resistivity of non-ferromagnetic materials.

2. Determining the degree of heat treatment.

3. Check the thermal damage, material fatigue and cracks.

4. Determining the purity of metal.

5. Monitoring metal uniformity.

6. Classification of metal.

7. Monitor the strength and hardness.

8. Detecting the density of the powder metallurgy parts.


1. Good appearance, easy to carry and hold. Simple and convenient to use.

2. Big screen, and large font. Test result, test frequency, temperature, temperature coefficient, and other important parameters can be displayed at the same time.

3. Measurement range 0.51~112%IACS or 0.3~65MS/m covered all non-ferrous metal materials.

4. Backlight lighting design is convenient for testing data read in low light conditions.

5. With two kinds of switchable working frequency, 60 KHz is for aviation industry standard, 500 KHz is for testing sheet material. 

6. With a diameter of 8 mm and 14 mm diameter of probe, adapt to big or small workpiece.

7. Instrument has the function of curvature calibration, and accompanied with ∧ probe sets, can detect surface materials.

8. Instrument with continuous detection function, can set upper and lower alarm, and rapid materials sorting.

9. Unique temperature coefficient setting and the design of the automatic calibration, make the equipment operation more concise and reliable.

10. With lift-off compensation as high as 0.5 mm, can be used to measure the workpiece with non-conductive thin layer of paint, plastic mould, etc. and ensure measurement accuracy.

11. Multiple temperature compensation pattern design, combined with the temperature coefficient of the specimens, can ensure measurement accuracy at different test temperatures.

12. Detection probes are interchangeable, user can replace with the probe provided by our company without matching.

13. A built-in data memory, which can record 500 sets of test data and important test parameters, can connect the computer to generate a complete report.

14. Two units of measurement (MS/m or % IACS) convenient for selecting, at the same time also can directly switch resistivity values in measuring interface.

15. Three languages: simplified Chinese, Japanese and English.

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Operating frequency

Sine wave 60 KHz and 500KHz

Conductivity measurement range

0.51 %IACS to 112 %IACS or 0.3 MS/m to 65 MS/m or electrical resistivity from 0.01538 Ω·mm²/m to 3.33333Ω·mm²/m

Resolution ratio

0.1 %~0.001 %IACS

Measurement accuracy

Measured value ±1%( temperature is 0℃~50℃), measured value ±0.5%( temperature is 20℃)

Lift-off effect

0 to 0.5 mm

Temperature measurement range

0℃~+80℃(temperature resolution  0.1℃, temperature measurement precision 0.5℃)

Self-compensating function

Conductivity measurement results are automatically corrected to 20 ℃

Normal working environment

Temperature range: 0℃~+50℃, relative humidity: 0~85%( No condensation )


Big LCD, backlit screen shows a number of important parameters at the same time

Power supply

3.7V, 2200mA/h of Lithium ion batteries, about 12 hours continuous working time


Probe of φ14 mm diameter, 60 KHz of working frequency and φ8mm, 500 KHz of working frequency of each. Probe is replaceable

Temperature probe

A handheld surface temperature sensor

Read memory

Can store 500 sets of measuring data files

PC communication method 

RS 232 serial port    Baud rate:2400bps   Data bits:8


0.5KG( Battery included)


220 mm×95 mm×55 mm

Instrument shell

Engineering plastic shell

Package and protection

High shock resistance , portable suitcase, fitted with instruments, probes, communications cable, operation manual, electrical conductivity standard block, chargers, CD


3 pieces of conductivity reference testing block, can provide more reference block for the user to choose


Operating condition:

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 90℃

Relative humidity: 0~85%(No condensation)

Operating voltage:charger of AC220±10V

A view of electrical conductivity measurement


A view of electrical conductivity measurement


The measurement of metal conductivity, conductivity and resistivity of FET-3X3 electrical conductivity meter can be done at the same time.

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