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Eddy Current Tester for Sale

Beyond full array functionality and easy-to-read output for better signal interpretation, our rugged Eddy Current Tester for Sale is equipped with real-time remote collaboration and on-device workflows to ensure the consistency and quality of your eddy current inspection results, every time, in even the toughest environments. Eddy Current Tester for Sale is widely used in the aerospace industry and in other manufacturing and service environments that require inspection of thin metal for potential safety-related or quality-related problems. Explore DSS' full line of Eddy Current Tester for Sale.

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Product Description


An Eddy Current Tester for Sale is a flaw detection technique that uses an alternating electromagnetic coil to induce and generate eddy on the metal component. It is suitable for the conductive material, which including flaw detection on the ferromagnetic metal material component.

The eddy current flaw detection doesn’t need to closely touch between coil and component during detection and doesn’t need to add coupling between coil and component, easy to realize inspection automation. But eddy current flaw detector is only suitable for the metal tube, bar, wire, steel tube, steel bar, steel wire, steel band,copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel, camshaft, bent axle, steel axle, nut, screw stem, brake disc, gear, bearing, bearing roller/welded steel belt, sucker rod, valve lever, wheel hub, needle roller, hollow shaft and bolt, and other mechanical parts as well as mechanical parts and metal parts.

Eddy Current Tester for Sale adopts a large scale imported integrated circuit, combined with the latest eddy current technique、photoelectric technology, microcomputer control, equipped with a delicate design mechanical transmission device, forming a complete mechatronics system. It is the leading full automatic eddy current flaw detector with a complete system. Moreover, Eddy Current Flaw Detector adopts software compiled by WINDOWS operating platform makes the instrument use more simple, intelligent. The eddy current testing instrument performance is stable and reliable. Its automation level is high, testing speed is fast, specialized in online detecting metal tube, bar, wire with high speed.

The eddy current testing instrument adopts eddy current impedance plane and time base scanning displaying technique, real-time display eddy current signal two-dimensional plotting, and time base curve of detected targets with many windows in one screen. All operation adopts menu-man dialogue, keyboard controls. The standard testing procedure can be massively saved in software and hardware, convenient for users to uses at any time. It can be equipped with an array scanning probe, super suitable for big workpiece rotation flaw detection, and big area eddy current detection.

Eddy Current Tester for Sale can match at most sixteen physical testing channels. It is a common instrument for the metal components to do online, offline, or before service, on service detection in automobile, petrifaction, metallurgy, mechanism, during detection. Eddy Current Flaw Detector doesn’t need couplant and doesn’t need to touch workpiece, easy to realize automation. And due to many testing channels, it can satisfy many testing faces of many production lines or single workpieces in one flaw detection.

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

Main instrument parameters: 

2.Frequency :adjustable.

3.Frequency range :1Hz~100KHz.

4.Gain :0~60db,  stepping is 0.5db.

5.Phase rotation :0-360 °  stepping is 1 °.

6.Working  mode :manual /automatic.

7.Display mode :impedance diagram/ electric level.

8.high pass filtering :1~4 KHz.

9.low pass filtering :turn off ,1~4kHz.

10.End socket /delayed time:0-255 s. 

11.Initiate angle A  :0-180°.

12.Inclined angle A0-180 °.

13.Radius A :0-99 °.

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