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Eddy Current Machine for Sale

Eddy current machine for sale can inspect metallic parts and perform highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. Eddy current is admittedly recognized as a technique with fast, simple, and accuracy. Eddy current machine for sale is widely used vortex technique by aerospace, automobile, petrochemical engineering, power generation, and other industry, detecting aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, chrome-nickel, even carbon steel material surface and close to surface flaw.

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Product Description

Introduction profile:

Eddy current testing (also commonly seen as eddy current testing and ECT) is a non-destructive testing technology making use of electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials. Eddy current defect testing is a dynamic test and is accomplished by running energized coils over an area to be tested. Eddy currents are fields of alternating magnetic current that are created when an alternating electric current is passed through one or more coils in a probe assembly. When the probe is linked with the part under inspection, the alternating magnetic field induces eddy currents in the test part. As the coils pass over a crack or flaw, discontinuities, or property variations in the test part change the flow of the eddy current the eddy currents are forced to deviate, and this deviation is detected by the eddy current instrument. Testing is fast, accurate, and repeatable, and the technology is much better suited for in-line and offline production inspection versus magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing. 

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

features of functions:

1.It is a fast 、simple and reliable testing technique,used for detecting conducting material surface or close to surface.

2.Using high speed revolution scanning machine and probe to detect workpiece.

3.vortex probe 

Olympus NDT standard vortex probe has following shapes

    • bolt hole probe.

    • surface probe with different shapes and configurations.

    • ow frequency spot and Ring probe.

    • Sliding probe.

    • Wheel probe.

    • customized probe used for special application.

The Probe that used for vortex testing is changeable,so as to be suitable for special application

a- under chosen frequency,the alternating current that passed probe produced magnetic field around the probe.

b-  when coil is close to conducting material ,material will produce induced vortex

c- the flaw in conducting material disturbs vortex ,probe magnetic coupling will be changed,by detecting impedance of coil can read flaw signal.

vortex software

4.impedance plane diagram and band chart display

Users can choose how long does the screen continues

Reference signal coverage diagram can be maintained on the screen,so as to read signal.

Under freezing mode,it can rotate signal or change gain,and no need to fix probe on the workpiece.

Scaling and the best page display adjustment function.

connect multiple scanning machine.

With impedance plane diagram and band diagram or real time AC scanning imaging display.

5.multiple frequency operation and automatic mixing frequency capacity 

operation with eight frequency(one channel;eight frequency,two channels,four frequency,four channels,two frequency)

automatic mixing frequency ability.

6.advanced real time data handling

Three alarms what can be defined as different shapes,it can activate indicating light、buzzer or TTL output.

High pass、low pass and exclusive filter(with IIR and FIR filtering function).


Alarms can be chosen by users (sector、rectangle、annular ).

Simple and fast to set.

Alarm output can be totally controlled.

8.vortex report 

The reports can be simple and fast to create.

HTML report form has great flexibility,it can be transferred by email,and browsed on every Web browser.

Predefine and customized report.  

instrument parameter:

1.number of channels :1-4 channels.

2.probe identification: automatic probe identification and set.


the number of generator :1 (with build in electric reference).

the biggest voltage :12Vp-p,10 Ω.

working frequency :20 Hz~6 MHz.  

Bandwidth 8 Hz ~ 5 kHz (in single coil). At the same time, the gap is inversely proportional and set in multi-channel mode by the instrument.


the number of acceptor is 1-4. 

the biggest input signal is 1 Vp-p. 

gain 28 dB~68dB. collection: 

digital frequency 40MHz.

collecting speed is 1Hz~15KHz (single coil).rate can be restricted by instrument handling capacity,or restricted by delay setting of multipath excitation mode.   

resolution 16 bits A/D. handling :

Phase rotation  0°~359°,stepping is 0.1°.

Smoothing FIR low pass、FIR high pass、FIR band -pass、FIR band reject(cut off frequency)、median filter ( change between 2~200)、average filter (change between 2~200).

channel handling mixture. saving

The biggest document capacity depend on inner flash memory:180MB (or 300MB,optional).

8. Data synchronization

according to inner clock 1HZ~15KHZ.

encoder single axis or double axis


The shapes of alarm area :sector 、inverted sector 、ring type. 

output type :video、audio and TTL signal.

analog output :1 (X  or Y).

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity: not exceed 85%

Working voltage:AV220V/DC24V

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