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China Eddy Current Testing Machine

Advanced China Eddy Current Testing Machine inspects metallic parts and performs highly reliable flaw detection of surface and near-surface defects. A full range of China Eddy Current Testing Machines is available to serve the broadest range of applications. Eddy current probes generate magnetic fields that induce current that flows in a test piece influencing the magnetic field and magnitude and phase of voltage in the coil. Applications include the detection of surface or near-surface defects, alloy sorting, and the inspection of bolt holes.

  • FET-1.03

Product Description


All the latest advancements by DSS in high-performance eddy current flaw detection are combined to design the compact, robust, and portable FET-1.03 China Eddy Current Testing Machine. The full-screen mode on its vivid 5.7 inch VGA display enables it to produce highly contrasting and clear eddy current signals, irrespective of the lighting conditions. The redesigned interface of the China Eddy Current Testing Machine is the perfect blend of all the recognized features of its predecessors and the innovative features of DSS products like a simple menu structure and direct-access keys. Available in four versatile models, the China Eddy Current Testing Machine offers a wide range of innovative functionalities and is suitable for various applications. It is designed efficiently with features like application selection menu, all-in-one display, real-time readings, and signal calibration.

Features of China Eddy Current Testing Machine

● Designed to meet the requirements of IP66 and EN-15548

● Long battery life (up to 10 hours)

● Bright, 5.7in (14.5cm) VGA display with full-screen mode

● Improved filters for rotary scanner mode

● Intuitive interface with application selection presets

● All-settings configuration page

● 10Hz to 12MHz frequency capacity

● Automatic internal balancing (BNC connector)

● Up to two real-time readings

● True automatic mixing

● The storage capacity of up to 500 files (program and data)

● On-board file preview

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DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

Main instrument parameters: 

2.Frequency :adjustable.

3.Frequency range :1Hz~100KHz.

4.Gain :0~60db,  stepping is 0.5db.

5.Phase rotation :0-360 °  stepping is 1 °.

6.Working  mode :manual /automatic.

7.Display mode :impedance diagram/ electric level.

8.high pass filtering :1~4 KHz.

9.low pass filtering :turn off ,1~4kHz.

10.End socket /delayed time:0-255 s. 

11.Initiate angle A  :0-180°.

12.Inclined angle A0-180 °.

13.Radius A :0-99 °.

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