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China Eddy Current Testing Equipment

The China Eddy Current Testing Equipment is the latest eddy current instrument in our family. It is furnished with a bright and large 7.2” display and combines the best features of earlier flaw detectors. The China Eddy Current Testing Equipment is intended for the mechanized inspection of rails and switches as well as confirmation of the results of a grinding application. The device is capable of testing a wide range of rail profiles.

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Product Description

Instrument profile:

Inspect with rugged China Eddy Current Testing Equipment that provides high- and low-frequency inspections for defect detection, conductivity, and coating thickness measurement - including dual-frequency and dynamic rotating drive capabilities. Portable and lightweight, our China Eddy Current Testing Equipment offer full phase functionality with easy to read output for better signal interpretation. 

Main Features of China Eddy Current Testing Equipment

1. Non-destructive

Non-destructive--means that when the test results are obtained, except for rejecting non-conforming products, no parts are lost. Therefore, the scale of inspection is not limited by the number of parts. It can be used for sampling inspection and general inspection when necessary. Therefore, it has more flexibility (both general inspection and random inspection) and reliability.

2. Mutual compatibility

Mutual compatibility-refers to the mutual compatibility of inspection methods, that is, the same part can use different inspection methods simultaneously or sequentially, and the same inspection can be repeated. This is also a non-destructive benefit.

3. Dynamic

Dynamic-this means that the eddy current testing method can inspect the parts in use, and can timely investigate the cumulative impact of the product during operation. Thus, the failure mechanism of the structure can be ascertained.

4. Strictness

Strictness-refers to the strictness of eddy current testing technology. First, eddy current testing requires special instruments and equipment to help ET machines with testing smoothly and accurately.  second, it needs the inspector to adjust a suitable parameter to test by using a sample piece.

The Applications of China Eddy Current Testing Equipment

● Bearing outer ring, bearing inner ring, gear blank, ring metal parts, auto parts.

● Non-destructive testing on and off the production lines of copper pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, welded pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, steel wires, double-layer pipes, ● copper-clad aluminum, copper-clad steel, aluminum wire metal rods, etc.

● Non-destructive testing of oil casing, sucker rod, hollow shaft, etc.

● Inspection of condenser tube, air conditioner tube, automobile oil tube, etc.

● Suitable for nondestructive testing of various metal tubes, rods, and wires.

● Detection of surface cracks in various parts.

● Finding cracks in holes and multi-layered structures with the help of rotary scanners.

● Recognition of sub-surface flaws in non-magnetic conductive materials.

● Evaluation of non-magnetic material conductivity and paint coating thickness.

● These devices allow performing full eddy current testing of aircraft parts in accordance.

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

The traits of function:

Adopting computer Chinese menu type man -machine dialogue,displayed on the big screen,multi-mode alarm technique and specially designed digital electronic balance technique and intelligent dynamic filtering technique. Make it easier for operator to operate.

Instrument parameter:

1.PC computer intelligentized control.

2.Full digital parameter real time control and setting.

3.The range of frequency: 64 Hz~6 MHz.

4.Gain adjustment:0.0-63.5 dB, 0.5 dB step.

5.The range of Phase position: 0 ~ 359 °, step 1 °.  

6.Quickly figure filtering /continue to analog balance.

7.There is a high pass filter inside,effectively eliminate interference from noise wave. 

8.100 items parameter can be presupposed,satisfying many kinds detecting needs .

Working environment:

Working temperature:-15~55℃

Saving temperature :-20~60℃

Relative humidity: not exceed 85%

Working voltage:AC220±10V

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