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Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale

Make your eddy current inspections faster, without compromising accuracy with DSS' Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale. Portable, rugged, and lightweight, our Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale, including an extensive series of compatible electromagnetic probes, is designed for the high-frequency surface to low-frequency sub-surface inspections for weld, raw material, aerospace (including rotary), and general-purpose inspections.

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Product Description


Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale is DSS' flagship portable eddy current flaw detector. Redefining eddy current inspection with its excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high-resolution display that’s easy to see in any light. DSS' Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale incorporates user-designed application workflows, and onboard Wi-Fi capability so that inspectors of all levels can easily communicate with each other remotely or on-site. Plus an off-the-shelf lithium-ion battery with the battery energy content of less than 100Wh, means you can easily transport the Eddy Current Detector on aircraft and helicopter.

The Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale is Intended for:

● Detection of surface cracks in various parts.

● Finding cracks in holes and multi-layered structures with the help of rotary scanners.

● Recognition of sub-surface flaws in non-magnetic conductive materials.

● Evaluation of non-magnetic material conductivity and paint coating thickness.

Best Eddy Current Tester for Sale offers a wide range of eddy current probes including:

● Absolute pencil probes for surface scanning

● Reflection probes for subsurface inspection

● WeldScan probes for weld inspection

● Rotating scanner probes for fastener hole inspection

● Eddy current and RFT ID tubing probes

● Conductivity probes for heat treatment verification and metal grade sorting

DSS is a professional eddy current testing machine manufacturer in China, offering high-quality eddy current tester for sale, eddy current testing instrument and low eddy current flaw detector price.

Main instrument parameters: 

2.Frequency :adjustable.

3.Frequency range :1Hz~100KHz.

4.Gain :0~60db,  stepping is 0.5db.

5.Phase rotation :0-360 °  stepping is 1 °.

6.Working  mode :manual /automatic.

7.Display mode :impedance diagram/ electric level.

8.high pass filtering :1~4 KHz.

9.low pass filtering :turn off ,1~4kHz.

10.End socket /delayed time:0-255 s. 

11.Initiate angle A  :0-180°.

12.Inclined angle A0-180 °.

13.Radius A :0-99 °.

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